Side Effects

Pancreatic Cancer and Treatment Side Effects

Cancer treatment options all have potential complications or possible side effects. As you and your healthcare team develop a treatment plan, make sure you understand all potential complications and possible side effects of the treatment options you are considering.

A common and debilitating side effect of pancreatic cancer and its treatments is fatigue. Fatigue is beyond an everyday tiredness that goes away with rest. Fatigue can be severe enough that you feel too tired to eat or take care of your appearance.

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Cancer and Fatigue

At some point during the day, everyone feels tired. With rest, that feeling may improve or go away. But when you feel so tired that you can’t do the things that you do every day, like eating or taking care of yourself, that’s fatigue.

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Glossary of Cancer Side Effects Terms

Cancer and cancer treatment often cause a variety of side effects, and the terms used to describe these side effects may be unfamiliar.

To learn more about the side effects of cancer and cancer treatments, and terms used to describe them, visit, the website of the American Society of Clinical Oncologists (ASCO).

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