Setting Goals and Creating a Treatment Plan

When you are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, one of the most important steps you will take is setting your personal goals for treatment. The treatment options your doctor will offer you will aim to meet your specific goals. It is important that you:

  • Understand and align with your physician on treatment goals
  • Work with your healthcare team to create a treatment plan to help achieve your goals

Finding Your Healthcare Team

Though it may seem simpler to take the advice of the doctor who diagnosed your pancreatic cancer, it’s often wise to both get a second opinion and to seek out treatment from physicians and facilities that have experience with pancreatic cancer treatment. This section provides suggestions and resources for how to go about finding your healthcare team.

Cancer and Your Workplace

It’s typical to have questions about whether you’ll be able to continue to work while receiving treatment. After all, a job is a reassuring routine as well as a source of income. For many people, it’s also a social environment full of longstanding friendships and acquaintances.

In this section, you’ll find brief overviews of workplace-related topics with links to more extensive discussions on other websites. You will also find information about caregiving and the workplace.

Financial Concerns

Cancer care is expensive. Direct costs related to treatment can add up quickly, as well as indirect costs related to transportation, meals, lodging, childcare, etc. Families may also need to plan for the possibility of decreased income due to time needed for treatment or caregiving.

It’s best to start researching your options early so you can be as best prepared as possible. If one is available at your cancer treatment center, consider consulting with a financial counselor.

Navigating Insurance

Health insurance can seem complex. Especially if you’re feeling sick or emotionally drained from your illness. This section explores some common issues with cancer care and insurance and provides links to resources for additional, helpful discussions.

Resources for Transportation and Lodging

Patients and caregivers may find they need to travel to their pancreatic cancer treatment center. Assistance with travel and lodging may be available through a variety of sources. It’s always a good idea to check with your cancer treatment center. They may also have some recommendations or other ways to assist.