Finding Your Healthcare Team

Get One-to-One Assistance From Patient Central

With 1 call, you can learn about all they offer. Patient Central’s (formerly known as PALS) free-of-charge services include information about treatment options, clinical trials, specialist physicians, diet and nutrition, and more. The same person will help you every time you call.

To learn more about Patient Central services and their one-to-one support, visit, the website of the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.

With Pancreatic Cancer, Experience Counts

A cancer center that treats a large number of patients with pancreatic cancer will have more experience in all aspects of care. This includes diagnosis, staging, surgery, managing side effects, and more. More experience can mean more expertise in your care.

For suggestions for finding National Cancer Institute designated Cancer Centers and multidisciplinary clinics dedicated to pancreatic cancer, visit, the website of the Lustgarten Foundation. You could also visit,, the website of the National Cancer Institute.

Read more at lustgarten.orgThis link is to a third-party website.

Choosing Your Pancreatic Cancer Surgeon

Because of a number of factors, pancreatic surgeries are complicated and can last many hours. This is true even of the most common pancreatic surgery, the Whipple procedure. It’s important to consider pancreatic surgery experience when choosing your surgeon.

For suggestions on how to choose a pancreatic surgeon, visit, the website of the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.